Install OpenWRT on Mikrotik RB750Gr3

In this video, we are going to install OpenWRT 21.02 on the Mikrotik RouterBoard 750Gr3 (Hex).

Most of the routers from Mikrotik use netboot via tftp to install/recovery the firmware and we will do the same for OpenWRT. This video will also show you how to downgrade your RouterOS version to 6.49.2 and backup your RouterOS license key, before proceeding with the OpenWRT installation with TinyPXE. Besides that, we will do a quick speedtest to see the CPU usage. At the end, we will also enable hardware & software flow offloading to see if there is any improvement in the performance.

Check out the video at


Installation Guide & Firmware

Common Procedures for MikroTik RouterBoard

RouterOS Download


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