Install OpenWRT 21.02 on Ubiquiti UniFi AC Lite

In this video, we will install OpenWRT on the Ubiquiti UniFi AC Lite. This tutorial can be applied on other Unfi AC models, such as the UniFi AC Pro or the UniFi AC LR. After that, we will check out the WiFi throughput & CPU usage of the UniFi AC Lite running OpenWRT with speedtest, OpenSpeedTest & iperf3.

For this installation, I will use the non-invasive method using mtd from UniFi (via ssh). If you are looking for tftp installation method with serial console, you can check out the installation tutorial for UniFi AP LR –


UniFi AC guide from OpenWRT

OpenWRT tftp Installation with Serial Console on UniFi AP LR

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1 year ago

I could like to see a benchmark and data about this change. I couldn’t find anything.